Ken Kalan’s web world


I like to fly and hold a Private Pilots license and fly from Midway (MDW) Airport Chicago. I'm also into Amateur Radio N9YIR (Amateur Extra). When life was simpler and I had more spare time, I was a member of the Civil Air Patrol and also a former member of Melrose Park RACES-Skywarn, which is part of the emergency services division. Skywarn is part of the severe weather spotters program of the National Weather Service, where during a severe weather alert, trained spotters report via amateur radio nets to the Skywarn center (located within Melrose Park RACES) which in turn relay's the information to the  National Weather Service.  I’m also a Unix Systems Administrator, working on Sun Solaris and Red Hat Linux systems.

I have compiled several runway diagrams of select Chicagoland airports,  including the now defunct Meigs Field, so if your interest in aviation, you can get a look at various airports in and around Chicago.

(Note, these are older diagrams and are NOT for navigation.)

I also have a couple of great kids and like any parent am proud of them.  They can be seen here (password protected).


Things of interest to me

Left: Me at a slightly younger age.

Top: 172 from Cessna’s website.

Lower Center: Me flying into Midway airport.

Lower Right: Arial view of Midway airport.